Microsoft Teams now allows users turn off message previews in desktop notifications

Rabia Noureen

Disable Notification Previews Teams

Microsoft has finally released a notification option that brings the ability for Teams users to disable message previews in the toast notification. The Microsoft 365 roadmap suggests the feature is currently rolling out, so it should begin showing up for users sooner rather than later.

Back in July, we first heard that Microsoft has started working on the feature, as it was one of the key privacy requests from customers. With this release, Teams users now have an option to enable or disable message preview notifications in the toast notification. When the user disables message preview, no snippet is included in the desktop notifications.

Teams notification settings

Keep in mind that the new setting is enabled by default for all users, so the app will continue to show message previews just like before. Microsoft Teams users need to disable the toggle button from the Settings manually. To do so, head to the Teams notification settings and turn off the “Show message preview” option available under the Notifications section.

If privacy is a concern for your organization, Office 365 Admins can also keep organizational data confidential on Teams iOS and Android apps lock screens by blocking data from appearing in notification previews. This feature is available on Android (v. and Teams iOS (v. 2.0.22) apps. Feel free to check out the official support article for more details.