Microsoft Teams meetings to get new Mirror my video feature this month

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Teams is getting a new update that will enable users to flip their video feeds in a call or meeting. This new “Mirror my video” feature should make it easier for presenters to read the text written on a physical whiteboard or a paper during virtual presentations.

“Mirror my video feature provides the user the option to un-mirror their video and thereby have the same view as the other users(s) in the meeting. By un-mirroring their video, the user will see the text correctly. No more flipped text in backgrounds or while holding a small whiteboard while teaching primary school kids. This feature is helpful in gallery, large gallery, ppt-content only sharing, and ppt-live scenarios,” the company explained on the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

Currently, Microsoft Teams flips the camera feed for a presenter horizontally, but it remains un-mirrored for other meeting participants. This makes the written text difficult to read for presenters since it appears backward in the mirrored video feed on the screen. The company is about to address this problem, and the “Mirror my video” feature is coming to the desktop app later this month.