Microsoft Teams levels up with Copilot: AI-Powered boost for calls and meetings coming soon

Priya Walia

teams on android

Microsoft has announced an exciting update for Microsoft Teams that will bring the power of AI to all your calls. With the introduction of Copilot, professionals can now experience a productivity and efficiency boost in their daily tasks.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Copilot in Microsoft Teams will help users stay organized and informed during their chats, meetings, and calls. While specifics are still under wraps, it seems that users will be able to ask Copilot any work-related question and receive insightful answers. This will allow them to discover valuable information without sifting through mountains of data.

Copilot in Microsoft Teams helps users stay organized and on top of all their information in chat, meetings, and calls, with the ability to ask Copilot any question and discover insights. Use one of the suggested prompts or enter a free text question of your own.

Not only will Copilot be responsive to user queries, but it will also provide suggested prompts for those who are unsure of what to ask. These prompts are likely to revolve around recent meetings, frequently used files, and highly interacted contacts. Additionally, users will have the freedom to ask free-text questions or create prompts to suit their needs.

The most exciting aspect of this update is its imminent release. Copilot in Microsoft Teams is expected to roll out within the next few weeks, starting in November 2023. It will be accessible to Teams users across various platforms, including Windows desktop, web, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Microsoft recently unveiled the “all-new” Microsoft Teams app, signaling a new era for the popular video conferencing service.

The future of work is evolving, and Microsoft is at the forefront, driving innovation and providing tools that revolutionize productivity. As Copilot takes care of the administrative and organizational burdens, workers will have more time to focus on the tasks that truly matter.