Microsoft Teams jumped from 75 to 115 million daily active users in just 6 months

Brad Stephenson

During an earnings call earlier today, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, revealed that the company’s Microsoft Teams service had reached the milestone of over 115 million daily active users by the end of Q1.

This achievement is impressive on its own but it’s even moreso when compared to the number of daily active users announced back in April which was just 75 million. That’s around 40 million new daily active users in just half a year. Not bad.

Microsoft’s Jeff Teper expressed his gratitude to users and partners for helping them reach this number in a tweet on his personal account. “Excited and grateful to announce that #MicrosoftTeams now serving 115 million daily active users,” his tweet read. “Thank you to our customers and partners betting on us as a hub for their collaboration. Much more to come.”

The increasing popularity of Microsoft Teams is very much due to the COVID-19 global pandemic which has forced more people work from home and communicate online. The pandemic and its related lockdowns has also dramatically upped the rivalry between various communication apps and services, forcing most of the major players to innovate and provide more value to consumers with extra functionality and increased accessibility in order to remain attractive.

One of the more notable compromises Microsoft made with Teams in 2020 to compete with rivals such as Zoom and Google was to unlock the ability to create video meetings for free users. Until then, a commercial version of Microsoft Teams was needed to perform such a basic function.

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