Microsoft Teams appears to be down this morning, users unable to sign in (updated: coming back online)

Laurent Giret

If you’re having issues connecting to Microsoft Teams today, you’re not alone. Microsoft has yet to acknowledge that an outage on its Microsoft 365 Service Health dashboard, but we’ve seen many Twitter users complaining about not being able to log in to Teams this morning.

The Microsoft Teams page on the Downdetector website also shows a huge spike of users seeing log in and server connections issues today.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to see if the company is aware of the outage, and we’ll update this post if we hear anything back. We use Microsoft Teams here at OnMSFT, and some of us managed to finally sign in on our of our PCs after restarting the app and try to sign in multiple times. The outage also seems to be affecting the Microsoft Teams web app, but you may have more luck by using the iOS and Android apps. If you are Teams users unable to sign in, remember you still have Skype available to you and your team as a stopgap.

Update 6:50AM PST: Microsoft has finally acknowledged that some users are unable to access Microsoft Teams, and Office 365 admins are invited to check for updates in the Admin center.

Update 9:20AM PST: After trying to roll out an incremental build deployed last week without any effect, the latest message on the Office 365 Admin center says that Microsoft Teams is now slowly coming back online. “We’ve rerouted traffic to alternate healthy infrastructure and our telemetry indicates connectivity improvement. We’re analyzing the remaining affected infrastructure to determine if any other traffic needs to be rerouted,” the company explained.

Update 11:55AM PST: Everything should now be back to normal for Microsoft Teams users. “We can confirm that we have fully resolved connectivity issues that some users may have experienced,”a Microsoft spokesperson told us.