Microsoft Teams app won’t work on Windows 10 S after November 29th

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft will officially pull the plug on their Teams progressive web app for Windows 10 devices with S Mode enabled, meaning in just 30 days from this post’s date, the PWA will no longer work on Windows 10 S Mode devices and will be removed from the Microsoft Store. The decision happened less than six months after the app was announced at Microsoft Build, which possibly indicates the poor usage of the app on the platform.

Of course, that’s not to say that Microsoft Teams won’t be completely unavailable to S Mode users. The app will continue to be available in Microsoft Edge. Plus, those who are good with keeping their PC’s safe might not even need S Mode, so disabling it for free could allow the more traditional application to be installed easily.

For those unfamiliar, progressive web apps are web apps packaged into application files, and support functions that traditional web apps otherwise wouldn’t support, including enhanced notification and device file access and offline support. Many developers are starting to see the appeal of this kind of app, particularly because minimal code revisions are required to bring to many popular platforms including phones, computers, consoles, and media players.

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