Microsoft talks about the future of Microsoft Teams

Devesh Beri

The path of collaborative tools takes a new turn as Microsoft unveils a series of significant updates in the July 2023 edition of ‘What’s New in Microsoft Teams.‘ These additions, announced at the Microsoft Inspire conference, shed light on the forthcoming features in Microsoft Teams.

  1. Microsoft 365 Copilot for Teams Phone (Early Access Program): Microsoft 365 Copilot for Teams Phone enhances calls with AI capabilities, automatically generating summaries, noting action items, and providing answers during unscheduled calls. Copilot helps users stay focused and engaged during unscheduled calls. It works for both VoIP and PSTN calls.
  2. Microsoft 365 Copilot for Teams Chat (Early Access Program): Microsoft 365 Copilot for Teams Chat uses AI to synthesize important information, reducing chat management efforts and making chat-based collaborations more streamlined and organized.
  3. Collaborative Notes in Microsoft Teams Meetings (Public Preview): Collaborative Notes in Teams Meetings allow attendees to create agendas, take real-time notes, and define follow-up tasks together for more productive and interactive meetings. They stay in sync and can be shared via chats, group chats, emails, and other documents. Assigned tasks are synced with To Do, and Planner, and email notifications are sent.
  4. Shared Calling: Shared Calling simplifies Teams Phone deployments and can save expenses by letting groups of users make and receive PSTN calls with shared phone numbers and plans.
  5. Improved Search in Specific Chat or Channel: Teams now has a better search for finding specific information in chats or channels, reducing clutter.
  6. Chat Embedded in Microsoft Edge Browser: Teams now allows chat within the Microsoft Edge browser, making multitasking easier. Clicking on a webpage link from Teams chat opens a chat window within the browser.

Connecting Teams with Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Viva Sales, now Microsoft Sales Copilot, joins with Teams. It offers real-time insights, coaching, and content help, boosting teamwork and efficiency.

Teams 2 1

Better Collaboration with Maps Integration

Teams mixing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM gives direct access to records and links chats with CRM activities. Adding location info through Maplytics improves decision-making.


In a nutshell, Microsoft sees Teams changing collaboration, merging with Dynamics 365 CRM and Maps, and giving businesses a strong edge.