Microsoft to talk about and release Windows 9 preview on September 30th

Zac Bowden


Microsoft is currently readying up to publicly talk about the next major version of Windows, currently codenamed Threshold. Windows Threshold is expected to be called Windows 9 when it ships in 2015, however Microsoft is still far from announcing any set name. This September 30th, Microsoft is expecting to unveil upcoming changes in Windows 9 and release a preview for developers and enthusiasts to test.

The event is currently being readied up via internal teams at Microsoft, so the date could still change. The idea is that Windows 9 will see a preview release around that time, and Microsoft will hold a press event for technology bloggers to report on the upcoming features. We imagine this event will be live streamed too so everyone can check out what’s new in Windows 9.

The preview is expected to include a new Mini Start, windowed Modern UI apps, the removal of the charms bar, virtual desktops and Cortana. The event will also see Microsoft talk about the current plan with Windows RT and Windows Phone, which has rumored to be merging for sometime now. Of course, none of this information is concrete right now so things could change. Bare that in mind.

Are you excited about this upcoming event? How many of you will download this technology preview and test out the latest features? Leave us your comments below!