Microsoft is reportedly taking on Google with a ChatGPT-powered Bing

Kevin Okemwa


According to a news report, Microsoft has a new project in the works that will give Google a run for its money. The company is reportedly working closely with OpenAI to launch a revamped version of Bing that uses ChatGPT in a bid to enhance the search experience.

By incorporating ChatGPT which is powered by AI, when making queries using Microsoft Bing users will get “human-like responses” rather than the usual links related to the query made. For those unfamiliar with ChatGPT, it is an AI-powered tool that is used to process language naturally.

When compared to Bing, Google’s search experience is a tad enhanced, especially when it comes to sourcing information about people, places, and more. It provides more relevant information on top of the links. But with this new development, the browser can now give Googe a run for its money. The incorporation of ChatGPT into Microsoft Bing will expand its knowledge panels thus taking on Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Per the report, Microsoft is looking to launch this feature towards the end of March this year. Last year in October, we also saw Microsoft test a new feature designed to enhance the search experience in Bing.

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via: The Information