Microsoft tackles healthcare data and communication with the help of TracFone

Joseph Finney

Microsoft tackles healthcare data and communication with the help of TracFone

Microsoft has formed a partnership with TracFone to improve healthcare through technology. The healthcare industry has been going through lots of changes recently. Microsoft is trying to do their part to improve healthcare by giving patients the tools to track and communicate with healthcare providers safely and effectively.

In a pilot program with a Miami based healthcare network Health Choice Networks (HCN), Microsoft enables patients to take a more active role in their health. The program will utilize existing Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft HealthVault, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a variety of smartphone applications to assist patients when collecting health data, and when communicating with their doctors. All of these technologies have enterprise level security and are Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant.

Essentially, Microsoft provides the technology and TracFone provides the service. Participating patients will be given a Windows Phone when they enter the program. The Windows Phone will be pre-loaded with a variety of health centered apps which are specific to the patient’s needs. Health Vault is one of the apps which will be used to track patient health. Health Vault is an app developed by Microsoft which can deliver a security-enhanced, robust platform for health data storage, interchange, remote medical device monitoring (like heart rate and blood pressure monitors, respiratory measurement devices, and glucometers), and more than 400 third-party health devices and apps.

Hopefully with these devices, patients can take control of their health in new ways. These mobile apps enable effective health tracking, which can give a better picture of progress toward better health. Furthermore, doctors and other healthcare providers can use this data to evaluate the best treatment options.

Do you track your health with any apps? Do you think this program will help people to live healthier lives?