Microsoft Surface and Sequence: making young lives better in El Salvador

Michael Cottuli

Surface Pro 4 Type Cover

The Surface has always been intended as a tool for making lives easier, whether it be in giving the average consumer a nifty gadget, or giving teams of people the ability to collaborate efficiently. In their latest “Beneath the Surface” feature, Microsoft shows us one of the many people in the latter group, whose business has gone much smoother since they incorporated the Surface Pro 4.
Ariela Suster founded Sequence, an El Salvador based company creating hand made accessories, to help employ and empower youths who were at risk of falling prey to a destructive cycle of gang involvement. After growing up during the civil war in El Salvador, Ariela felt that it was important to make sure that at-risk youths had a way to empower themselves, and become artisans.
[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“People join the path of violence because of lack of opportunity and lack of belonging,” Ariela said. “So I use the fashion platform as a means to address the issue of violence.”[/pullquote]

Ariela found the Surface Pro 4 useful because it allowed her to effortlessly communicate with her team, even when she isn’t in El Salvador. She spends half of her time in New York, so it’s important for her to be able to effectively keep in touch with the people working back home. Ariela Skype calls with her team at least once a day, and uses programs like OneDrive  to keep fieles in order.
Though she loves OneDrive, Ariela says that her favorite feature so far in the Surface Pro 4 is the Surface Pen. The pen allows her to much more accurately communicate her designs to her team, making sure that there’s no miscommunication. Before the Surface rolled along, the designs she ended up getting from her team weren’t exactly the ones that she wanted. With the Surface Pen, she can now draw out exactly what she wants to see, and attach any relevant notes to OneNote to make sure that there’s never any confusion.
Ariela’s business seems like it has a bright future, especially with the Surface Pro 4 keeping things running smoothly, and opening new doors to productivity for her team in El Salvador. Hopefully, Sequence continues to make lives better.