The cameras on Microsoft’s Surface Pro X have ceased functioning for all users

Priya Walia

Reports have emerged from Surface Pro X users stating that the cameras on their devices have ceased to function. The Surface Pro X serves as Microsoft’s high-end tablet convertible, comparable to the iPad Pro, and is equipped with front and rear cameras.

Affected owners have taken to Reddit forums to share their experiences of camera failure. Moreover, the problem at hand persists even after reinstalling drivers.

“I thought my SPX camera had been damaged somehow because I couldn’t get Windows Hello face to unlock working after the last update,” said a Surface Pro X owner on Reddit.

As per an article by The Verge, users have reported encountering the Windows error “0xA00F4271<MediaCaptureFailedEvent> (0x80004005)” while trying to access the camera app. Fortunately, the issue appears to have a discernible root cause, indicating that it may be linked to an expired security certificate within the Windows system. Should this be the case, the resolution offered by Microsoft would be prompt and straightforward.

Nevertheless, it appears that some consumers have found a solution. According to users reporting on the Microsoft support platform, the issue can be resolved by manually altering the system date to 22nd May. However, this approach has its drawbacks, such as online services rejecting logins due to disparities between the system date and the current date.

At present, Microsoft has refrained from providing any commentary, which is possibly due to their ongoing engagement with the Build 2023 conference. Nonetheless, several consumers have apprised Microsoft of the problem, indicating that the company is likely working on a fix.

Via The Verge