Microsoft Surface Laptop, Pro, and Book 2 land on iFixit’s Worst Devices of 2017 list

Arif Bacchus

The Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, and Surface Book 2 are all around solid devices, great for the average consumer looking for a premium Windows 10 PC. Unfortunately, as we have noted before, more technical users have found that Surface devices are not always the easiest to get into and repair or customize. That’s why the folks at iFixit have placed all of Microsoft’s Surface devices from this year on their Worst Devices of 2017 list.

iFixit finds the glued-in display and battery, and the non-standard connectors and non-replaceable SSD as reasons for placing the Surface Pro on the list. Additionally, a fused glass panel and LCD, plus the RAM and processor which are soldered to motherboard landed the Surface Book 2 on the list. Finally, iFixit calls the Surface Laptop a “glued together monstrosity,” having to tear it apart to get inside.

To be fair, other non-Microsoft devices also fit right in with the list. Apple’s 2017 Retina MacBook and fifth-generation iPad, and the Essential Phone topped out iFixit’s list for equal reasons. Again, not everyone will be tearing into their new Surface device, and Microsoft does not intend for you to do so. However, following Consumer Report’s decision to not recommend Surface hardware this year due to high breakage rate (something that Microsoft has vehemently challenged), this is definitely another black mark on this year’s Surface lineup.