Microsoft Surface 2 64GB goes out of stock, a new Surface launch imminent?

Hammad Saleem

Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft released the Windows RT powered Surface 2 last October. The tablet offers a decent set of specifications, but it’s almost a year old, which means it’s not too irrational to think that Microsoft may have its successor in the pipeline. Recently, Microsoft Surface 2 64GB went out of stock at the Microsoft Store. Well, products go out of stock, later to be replenished, but the case might be a little different here.

The folks at Neowin got in touch with a sales representative to ask if it will come back in stock. In a little diplomatic way, the representative said she’s not sure when it will come back in stock. Furthermore, she said she doesn’t expect Microsoft to replenish the stock for Microsoft online store. “In all honestly, I don’t believe those will be available again through our website,” she said. 

She further said the company is trying clear out its inventory so it can focus on “newer version of Surfaces.” Well, it could mean that Microsoft is trying to make sure it can sell the remaining inventory and focus on the recently-announced Surface Pro 3. In another explanation, it could also mean Microsoft is making way for a new Surface 3.

Last month, Microsoft reduced the price of the Surface 2 by $100, trying to attract more customers to purchase the Windows RT tablet. There’s no confirmation from the software giant, but it’s not too irrational to expect a Surface 2 sequel. Don’t you think?