Microsoft Sudoku gets a massive revamp on Windows 10 with new features, themes, and more

Brad Stephenson

The free-to-play Microsoft Sudoku video game recently received a rather significant update for Windows 10 devices that adds several new visual themes, additional difficulty levels, new achievements, and a brand new type of daily challenge called Ice Breaker that places blocks of ice within the play area for players to break.

A special trailer was released to promote the update which you can watch below.

This modern version of Microsoft Sudoku has been available on Windows devices since 2014 when it launched on Windows 8 and Windows phone. This is one of the few major updates that the game has received. Versions of Microsoft Sudoku are also available on iOS, Android, and the web and play progress can sync between each device via the use of Microsoft’s Xbox Live cloud service.

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Microsoft Sudoku
Microsoft Sudoku
Developer: Xbox Game Studios
Price: Free