Microsoft Studios releases adventure game ‘Tentacles Enter the Mind’ for Windows 8.1


Microsoft Studios releases adventure game 'Tentacles Enter the Mind' for Windows 8.1

Straight out of Microsoft Studios is a brand new adventure game called ‘Tentacles Enter the Mind.’ The game features the ability to fight hordes of challenging enemies, while swinging through your environment with unique movement mechanics.

“Play as the adorable and fantastical creature, Lemmy, and tap or click your way through the layers of Dr. Phluff’s outrageously bizarre mind. Dispatch enemies, collect eyes and secret eggs, gain powers and abilities, and play against your friends. And when you get to the end: survive as long as you can. The Doctor has gone mad from the creatures and only you and Lemmy can save him,” the app description reads.

The game lets you sign in with Xbox Live to collect achievements and track your high scores. You can also compete with friends on Xbox and Facebook leaderboards. The game supports the ability to save to the cloud, so you can continue where you left off on a different device. 

The game works with touch or keyboard/mouse and can be played either online or offline. The game is free, but there are optional in-game purchases. These purchases can be disabled in the game’s settings.

At the time of this post, the game is available in select regions. Hit the download link below and see if you can snag the game in your region right now. If not, be patient, the game will be available for you soon.