Microsoft Studios is sporting some pretty cool elevator “skins” for Halo Wars 2 and more

Kareem Anderson

Voodoo Vince game Xbox One

Despite its drum march of enterprise! Enterprise! Enterprise! Microsoft employees seem to have a playful consumer side even if it gets often overshadowed by the company’s commitment to business solutions.

Today, a few members of the Microsoft Studios team expressed their playful side by plastering their campus elevator doors with new Xbox-related themes and game adage. Throughout the Studios campus, elevator doors donned full-length Voodoo Vince, Halo Wars 2 and Ghost Recon imagery. According to the official Microsoft Studios Twitter account, which captured the door-sized sticker postings, the gamer-related branding was applied sometime over the weekend.

There is no word yet as to whether or not these skins will see life beyond the Microsoft Studio elevators, but fans of the posted franchises are more than likely going to want a similar way to express their fandom.

Come on Microsoft Studios, where can a fan get these for their dorm room?