Microsoft Store now has the popular webcam app Camo Studio available for download

Devesh Beri

Camo Studio, one of the popular webcam apps for Windows, is now available for download from the Microsoft Store. It’s a desktop application that allows you to use your smartphone as a webcam for your Mac or PC. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It offers many features to help you get the most out of your webcam experience.

  • Full control over camera settings, such as exposure, focus, and zoom
  • Ability to apply filters and effects to your video
  • Support for multiple cameras, so you can create professional-looking video streams with multiple angles
  • Virtual camera support, so you can use your smartphone’s camera with any app that supports webcams

Camo Studio is a popular choice for streamers, YouTubers, and other content creators who want to improve their videos’ quality without investing in a dedicated webcam. It’s also a great option for anyone using their smartphone’s camera for video conferencing or other work-related tasks.

Here are some of the features of using Camo Studio:

  1. Cinematic Filters and Effects: You can apply cinematic filters and effects to your video, including custom Cube, 3DL, and LUT files. 
  2. Auto-Framing: Camo Studio features an auto-framing feature that keeps you at the center of the frame, even if you’re moving around during your video calls or recordings.
  3. Compatibility: Camo Studio works with 40+ video-supported apps, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, OBS Studio, Skype, and Twitch, ensuring compatibility across various platforms.
  4. Connection Options: You can connect your phone to your computer via USB or Wi-Fi to use Camo Studio and adjust your video settings. 
  5. Performance Optimization: Camo Studio is designed to offload processing to your device, helping to keep your computer running smoothly and efficiently.
  6. Free and Paid Versions: The core functionality of Camo Studio is available for free. However, you can upgrade to access higher resolutions and additional features like portrait mode.
  7. Real-Time Device Switching: You can switch between video sources from multiple devices in real time, which can be useful for different scenarios or camera angles.

Overall, we believe it is a decent app that addresses common challenges, such as setup simplicity, customization options, and compatibility with popular apps. 

via MSPowerUser