Microsoft Store employee shows off the Surface Music Kit


Microsoft Store employess shows off the Surface Music Kit

When Microsoft introduced the Surface 2 it also unveiled something it referred to as “blades”. These are essentially keyboards for alternative uses, one of which happens to be geared towards musicians. And that’s where today’s video enters the picture.

Shot after closing time at the University Village Microsoft Store, the video captures one employee who has stayed late to have a bit of fun. Jonathan Velasquez puts on a one-man show, displaying just what a talented musician can do with these small tablets/laptops. Microsoft’s director of Surface, Bryson Gordon, got his hands on the recording and found it worthy of sharing.

“Like a lot of Microsoft-ies, I am the resident tech support contact for my extended family. This means that when my in-laws’ old laptop needed some TLC, I took it down to the team at the Microsoft Store, University Village to get it taken care. Outside of getting it running like new, a few of the associates starting talking with pride about one of their own, Jonathan Velasquez, and what he could do with the Surface Music Kit. I left my email address and later that night, after the doors closed, (you’ll notice in the video it is 9:18pm), Jonathan sent me this video. I’ll let it speak for itself”.

You can check out the video below. But you may want to first grab your dancing shoes before hitting the play button. This may not be the intended use for every Surface buyer, but it’s rather nice to know you can do this if you wish.