Microsoft starts talking about the Surface Neo and Duo dev story

Kip Kniskern

Last month, Microsoft announced that the Surface Neo, a dual screen Windows 10X device, and the Surface Duo, an Android powered dual screen “phone,” would be launching in time for next year’s holiday season. At the time, they promised developers would soon be able to learn more about optimizing for these new dual screen devices, and today, Corporate Vice President of the Windows Developer Platform Kevin Gallo got things started with a Windows blog post.

Gallo explained (as we already knew), that apps and websites will work unaltered on both Windows 10X and Android powered devices. Developers won’t have to do anything to have their current web, UWP or Win32 apps work on Neo or any of the 3rd party “dual-screen and foldable PCs,” and the same holds true for the Duo and existing Android apps.

However developers will be able to employ a “common model” to take full advantage of dual screen capabilities. This model will be ‘layered onto existing platform specific tools and frameworks,” but will be able to enable cross-platform scenarios.

If you’re a developer interested in unlocking dual screen capabilities for Windows 10X and/or the dual screen Duo on Android, you can shoot Microsoft an email at [email protected] and request more information. Of course we’ll be keeping you posted here at as well, and maybe even looking into what a dual-screen might look like!