Microsoft simplifies the process of creating chatbots for developers via Teams AI Library

Devesh Beri

ai-powered chatbots

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Microsoft has added a new feature to its Microsoft Teams via Microsoft 365 Roadmap. The feature, the “Teams AI library” (Feature ID: 130662), was announced on September 12, 2023.

The new Teams AI library tool is meant to help developers make chat apps for Microsoft Teams that can have more natural conversations. It does this by making it simpler to create chatbots, message features, and interactive elements called Adaptive Cards.

Additionally, the Teams AI library can also assist in moving existing chatbots and message features to work smoothly with advanced language models. This makes it easier for these chat apps to use powerful language technology.

This addition is seemingly aimed at developers and provides a suite of code functionalities to simplify the integration of Large Language Models into Teams apps.

This feature will be rolled out starting in October 2023 and available on various platforms, including Mac, Android, Desktop, and iOS. It will be accessible across cloud instances, including Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC High, and GCC. The release phases for this feature include General Availability and Targeted Release (Entire Organization).

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that they are preparing to launch a new version of Microsoft Teams specifically for macOS.