Microsoft shows off the Surface 2 as a wedding planner’s favorite tool


Microsoft shows off the Surface Pro 2 as a wedding planner's favorite tool

Planning a wedding is no easy task. It requires a lot of organizing and a lot of money to be spent. Microsoft has uploaded a new video to it’s YouTube channel showcasing the Surface 2 being used as a wedding planner’s favorite tool – and no, it doesn’t seem to be a part of the company’s “Honestly” campaign.

In the video, which we have embedded below for your viewing pleasure, we are introduced to Ashlee. She is a wedding planner who loves her Surface 2 device. It allows her to quickly access Office apps and even use OneNote to draw notes and ideas.

Ashlee seems to love her stylus too, using it to draw on OneNote or access other apps while on the Start screen. The Surface 2 has been available in the market since October of 2013 and starts at $899.00. However, there are quite a few deals going on right now were you can snag the device for a hefty discount.

You can watch the advertisement below.

Editor’s note: This post was updated to reflect that Ashlee is using a silver-colored Surface 2, not a Surface Pro 2. She is also using a stylus with her Surface 2. Thanks guys, for pointing it out!