Microsoft ships Visual Studio Tools for Unity v2.2

Arif Bacchus

Just a few months ago, Visual Studio Tools (VSTU) 2.1 made it much easier for game developers to use the rich capabilities of the Visual Studio IDE while developing Unity games. Today, Microsoft is announcing the release of Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.2, which fixes common integration issues that developers are currently  facing.

There are a few changes to this release of VSTU, and they are listed below:

  • The VSTU installer properly installs all the information that Unity looks for before enabling the native VSTU support.
  • For Unity on OS X with and Visual Studio in a virtual machine, Visual Studio properly detects and debugs Unity on the host.
  • For Unity 4.6, VSTU properly generates references to UnityEngine and UnityEditor.
  • The C# language version is now restricted to C# 4, the latest version of the language supported by Unity.
  • Fixed an error in the Unity package that could appear for projects without any script.

Along with these changes, there has also been added support for the new networking messages in VSTU Wizards.

To update to VSTU 2.2 you can access the update tab of the Visual Studio extension manager. To perform the update manually, download and install the VSTU version that matches the Visual Studio version you have installed and want to use with Unity.

It is strongly recommended to update VSTU 2.1 to VSTU 2.2 because VSTU works best with the native support that was released with Unity 5.2. You can download VSTU directly from Visual Studio or the Visual Studio Gallery by visiting the links below.

The easier it is for developers to create games for PCs, the more titles we’ll have to look forward to. Keep your eyes on WinBeta for continuing coverage of Microsoft’s developer platform.