Microsoft sheds more light on the Windows 10 Preview for Xbox One

Mark Coppock

If you’re one of the lucky few Xbox One owners receiving the new Windows 10 Preview, then kudos. We’re jealous. For everyone else, Microsoft has posted a video of just a portion of the experience, and it’s looking like a good one.

Some of what those lucky folks are enjoying (and for which Microsoft is specifically requesting feedback):

  • Windows 10 Home, which provides efficient access to Collections and Pins, including left-trigger and right-trigger navigation between Pins and Home
  • Guide, which provides faster access (scroll left or double-tap the Xbox button in-game) to friends, recent players, parties, and other community-based resources
  • Notifications, which are now integrated into the Guide and grouped intelligently by game
  • Settings, which are now a one-step option in the Guide

Windows 10 Preview on the Xbox One.
Windows 10 Preview on the Xbox One.

Obviously, much of the Windows 10 Preview is aimed at making navigation and engaging other Xbox One users easier and faster. Microsoft also highlights some additional Windows 10 Preview freshness at the Xbox Wire.
OneGuide for media content, which is anchored to the right of Home and provides quick, efficient access everything you can watch on Xbox One:

  • Live TV with instant, full-screen listings and picture-in-picture mode
  • Movie and TV dedicated galleries
  • App channels with curated content from apps such as Hulu and FOX NOW

A new Store:

  • Games, Movies and TV, Apps, and Music categories
  • New vertical gallery view shows more listings that are optimized for efficient browsing and smart categories such as Featured Staff Picks, New Releases, Top Played, Top Rated, Coming Soon and Recommendations

Faster, more efficient access to the gaming experience:

  • Game Hubs, which have been redesigned for speed and discoverability
  • Game DVR, with its own dedicated app
  • Achievements, grouped by game in the Game Hub for each game

Microsoft makes a big deal about how the Windows 10 Preview is based on user feedback, so Xbox One users are getting what they’ve asked for. This is commonly a rather dubious assertion, but Microsoft listened carefully to Windows 10 Preview users in general and many requested changes were integrated by the time Windows 10 shipped to the masses. Hopefully we’re seeing the same kind of responsive design in the Windows 10 Preview for Xbox One.
There’s lots more coming, with Microsoft promising additional goodies by the time Windows 10 ships in November. Remember to give your feedback, because if you don’t tell Microsoft what you want in Windows 10 on the Xbox One, who will?