Microsoft September 21 event: Uncovering important leaks you can’t miss

Priya Walia


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Microsoft, the technology powerhouse, has planned a “special event” on September 21, 2023, in New York. However, the actual details are guarded confidentially behind doors.

There is a buzz with speculations forecasting a variety of potential releases at this highly anticipated event.

New Generation Surface Pro 10

Consistent with the yearly tradition, Microsoft is expected to unveil the cutting-edge generation of Surface Pro 10 at this event. The new laptop iteration could land in two sizes: an 11-inch model and a 13-inch alternative.

It is believed to accommodate a powerful 13th-generation Intel chip and could surprise us with significantly enhanced keyboard improvements.

Anticipated Release of Surface Laptop Studio 2

Technophiles are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the evolved generation of Surface Laptop Studio 2, initially launched in 2021. Some anticipations include a 13th-generation Intel Core i7-13800H processor, a whopping 64GB of DDR5 SDRAM, and a host of novel features and tools.

But it’s a wait-and-watch till Microsoft confirms these influential upgrades.

Improved Surface Go 4

The much-awaited successor to the 2-in-1 Surface Go 3, launched in 2021, is expected to make a comeback. More reliable battery life should drive the appeal of this version, complemented by a refreshed design.

Upgraded Surface Laptop Go 3

It is rumored that Microsoft will present an updated version of the Surface Laptop Go 3. The upcoming model is expected to have a spacious 128GB SSD for storage. An Intel 12th-Gen Intel Core i5 processor might be under the hood. A similar 3:2 aspect ratio, a popular feature in the predecessor, is likely to be retained.

Surface Accessories

Microsoft has a history of integrating Surface line accessories such as mice, keyboards, and webcams. We might witness the company continuing this trending tradition with the launch of more such accessories this year.

A hint of déjà vu from last year’s Microsoft Presenter Plus, the Bluetooth-enhanced clicker, and Microsoft Audio Dock can be anticipated.

The AI Assistant: Copilot

Our digital lives could see a new addition with Windows Copilot, the AI assistant for Windows. With Microsoft recently introduced Bing AI, this assistant might aid in seamless user experiences, making Windows navigation a breeze.

Significant Windows Update: Windows 11 23H2

The major system upgrade, Windows 11 23H2, is on the horizon. The special event could reveal notable feature additions and changes within the Windows world alongside the newly introduced AI assistant, Copilot.

Furthermore, insiders are already testing this update, indicating further insights into this release could soon be publicized.

In conclusion, the Microsoft event remains shrouded in suspense. The new generation of Surface models, a significant Windows update, innovative AI integrations, and many more could be the potential show-stealers.