Microsoft sells 350 million Windows 7 licenses in 18 months


To say that Windows 7 has exceeded expectations would be an understatement. Today, Microsoft announced that they have sold over 350 million licenses of the OS since its launch in October 2009.

Microsoft notes the high amount of savings that businesses can experience by deploying Windows 7. On average, $140 per PC per year is saved with a 131% return on investment in just over 12 months. To better highlight these savings, Microsoft is launching a special Windows Customer Showcase website looking at a sample of Windows customers and their business results after deploying Windows 7.

Furthermore, with the launch of IE9, Microsoft is able to deliver a more complete package that overcomes many of the shortfalls in its previous browsers. Microsoft partners such as Groupon, Slacker, Hulu, and eBay, are already delivering enhanced features that utilize both the OS and the updated browser.

It should also be worth mentioning that part of Windows 7’s success lies in the foundation that was set with Windows Vista. Vista introduced many of the underlying technology that was significantly overhauled after Windows XP. Windows 7 further refined many components delivering a more efficient and effective user experience and the payback is obvious with Windows 7 overtaking Windows XP in the US and continuing its rapid growth.