Microsoft sees HoloLens as the center of the office of the future

Kit McDonald

Microsoft’s introduction to augmented reality through the HoloLens has peaked a lot of interest. More specifically in the commercial business industry. Originally built by a team aimed at video game enhancement, the peripheral quickly turned into the spotlight for revolutionary business practices.

The Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto Canada was a prime example HoloLens ‘opening for business’. PC World reports that it was program director Arantxa Lasa Cid walking onto the stage earlier today with her HoloLens. She was set up with a virtual multi-monitor workspace that spanned out in front of her with email, browsers, and an Outlook calendar. Even with the empty table in front of her, the augmented vision made a clear statement. HoloLens was able to completely remove the clutter of physical objects in lieu of customizable virtual interfaces instead.

With a few taps of the finger, the presentation shifted to the jet engine mechanic training demo that we’ve seen a few times earlier. With Japan Airlines and Microsoft working closely together, HoloLens has been demoed worldwide as the next generation means of training. Especially for jet engines and pilots trainees, the HoloLens has made it possible to disregard time and schedule for the student for a more efficient and hands-on lesson. For a deeper coverage of the Japan Airlines presentation, be sure to check out our coverage from earlier today.

It seems Microsoft is nurturing an angle targeted at business interest. After the presentation, Microsoft’s General Manager Lorraine Bardeen encouraged any businesses that were interested in getting their hands on the early access to HoloLens to contact sales representatives. Until now, only the developer kit edition had been available. Even that is severely limited to the submission of a survey. Although, it’s worth noting that another wave of developer kits were confirmed to have been sent out just about a week ago.

It’s possible that we’ll see more information concerning how businesses can obtain a HoloLens after the WPC in Toronto wraps up.