Microsoft Search to launch Monthly Search Report in November 2023

Devesh Beri

In a recent announcement, Microsoft has added a new feature to its Microsoft Search platform. The Monthly Search Report, with Feature ID 177895, is set to be rolled out in November 2023, as per the latest update on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, posted on October 23, 2023.

Microsoft Search allows you to quickly find people, files, org charts, sites, and answers to common questions throughout your workday. Microsoft Search is integrated into all of the Microsoft 365 apps, so users can search for information and content from anywhere. It is also personalized to each user so they see the most relevant results first.

This report is designed to provide key search metrics and insights to tenant administrators directly in their mailboxes. It offers a straightforward way for administrators to gauge the performance of search activities in the previous month.

Additionally, the report includes links that lead administrators to the Search & Intelligence Admin Center, where they can access more in-depth information and insights related to search operations.

This addition, categorized under General Availability, will be accessible across the worldwide standard multi-tenant cloud instances and via the web platform.

Microsoft continues to enhance its services and features, making it easier for organizations to manage and understand their search performance.