Microsoft says they haven't forgotten about Office for Windows Phone, more to come in 2015

Zac Bowden

Windows Phone

It’s something I have been saying for weeks now, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about Windows Phone. 2015 will see Windows Phone blossom and flourish more than ever before, although many users refuse to believe that as true.

Yes, 2014 was an interesting year when it came to Windows Phone, we saw the launch of Windows Phone 8.1 and Update 1, and that was pretty much it. Everything else arrived for rival platforms in top quality, which made many Windows Phone users mad.

But as I have been saying, Microsoft is saving the best for last. Microsoft has reminded its Windows Phone users on Chinese Portal Weibo today that they have not forgotten about Windows Phone, and that an incredible Office experience is on the way for Windows Phone devices in 2015.

So now that Microsoft has said it, perhaps Windows Phone users can relax a fair bit. Lots of good things are in store for Windows Phone users in 2015, and Office will be just one of many awesome things coming to the platform.