Microsoft rolls out new features for SkyDrive, including native text editor and easier sharing



Microsoft has rolled out new features for, including the support for more file types, new editing features, easier sharing capabilities, and new controls over what you have shared. On top of that, Microsoft has added native text editing, so you can edit HTML, CSS, and more from!

Not only can you view animated .GIFs on, but you can now filter the All photos view with a specific folder as well as rotate pictures if necessary. SkyDrive will also allow you to share groups of files from anywhere in your SkyDrive. “Well today, we’re happy to introduce a new capability on the ability to share individual groups of files from anywhere in your SkyDrive. You can share two photos from your camera roll, or a hundred. You can share a file in one folder along with another file from a different folder. And you can share different things with different people,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft is also rolling out a new Shared view in SkyDrive, which shows you all the files you’ve shared, and what’s been shared with you. There is also a new native editor so you can edit different kinds of text files including HTML and CSS.

“SkyDrive now has native support for viewing and editing many different kinds of text files. This includes JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and many code files. It includes support for syntax highlighting, find, and word completion suggestions. You can also share these files with your friends, and they can edit them. And you can “diff” changes, so you can see conflicts between edits. This is a convenient feature for developers; however, for a complete end-to-end development solution, you can still get that with Microsoft Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server,” Microsoft adds.

Hit the source link to read an in-depth post about these new features. These new features should be live as of right now on