Microsoft rolling out update for Lumia 535 – touch screen performance improvements and more

Hammad Saleem

Microsoft rolling out an update for Lumia 535 with touch screen performance improvements and more

Microsoft Lumia 535 users have reported touch screen sensitivity issues in the past where the touch screen fails to recognize touch at times, and even calibrates the screen incorrectly. Microsoft confirmed a few days back that an update is on its way, and will start rolling out from December 27th, at least in Vietnam.

It seems the folks at Microsoft took the problem seriously, and are now releasing an update for the Lumia 535 (RM-1089) ahead of schedule in selected countries. The latest update, thankfully, comes with touch screen performance improvements, which we’re hoping would fix the touch issues faced by Lumia 535 users. The update also brings unknown stability and performance improvements, as well as the availability of Cortana in more markets and access to mobile data connection toggle in the action center so you can disable it with a single tap. 

A Microsoft employee confirmed the update is rolling out in selected countries, specifically in Europe and South Africa, at the moment, but more countries and variants of the Lumia 535 are expected to get it early next year — that’s a little vague and this could mean that Lumia 535 owners in other countries may have to wait for a few more months before they can get the update to fix their touch screen woes. 

Here’s a complete change log for the update:

  • Touch screen performance improvements.
  • Cortana, the most personal digital assistant, is now available in more markets.
  • You can easily switch your mobile data connection on or off in the action centre.
  • Install phone updates more easily by scheduling them for a time that works best for you.
  • Stability and performance improvements.

If you’re residing in the above mentioned regions, wait for a few days as the update process takes place in phases. If you’ve already updated your device, let us know if you can notice any other improvements.