Microsoft Rewards are coming to Microsoft Search for work/school accounts

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is seeing a bit of an expansion. As spotted by Neowin, and noted on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft is adding the ability to earn rewards points for searching using Microsoft Search with a work and school account, managed by an organization.

Scheduled for release for May CY2021, this feature is currently marked as “in development,” and will hit all worldwide standard multi-tenant Microsoft Search Web accounts. This means that if you have a work or school Microsoft 365 account, you can also earn points when searching on Bing — in the same way that you currently can when signed in with a personal Microsoft account.

We say this because Microsoft Search is powered by Bing and is a search engine for organizations, so it looks as though internal searches might count towards rewards points, too. It is not certain how much searches will be weighted, and if it is the same as the current points searches made on Bing with consumer accounts.

It is also not clear how points will be redeemed, either. It’d be quite strange to redeem gift cards using a work account, and then spending it on that work account, too. We hope that Microsoft will explain soon. Until then, this seems like a great idea and a way to increase interest in the Microsoft Rewards program.