Microsoft reverses another Xbox One policy regarding Indie developers

Zac Bowden

Xbox One

None of us can forget the Xbox 180, the famous u-turn Microsoft took earlier this year with the Xbox One reversing almost all DRM features. Today, Microsoft confirmed that they are set to reverse another policy regarding Indie Developers, allowing them to publish games to Xbox One without obtaining a publishing deal.

Currently, Indie Developers will be unable to get their game on Xbox One without a publishing deal from either Microsoft or a third-party service. As you’d imagine, Indie Developers as well as a few gamer’s aren’t happy with this decision, which means Microsoft may be planning to reverse this policy also.

Along with this, Microsoft confirmed that they are planning to overhaul the certification process. More so, it appears Microsoft will be able to turn any Xbox One unit into a debug console, allowing them to run unsigned code and play pre-release games. Current generation Xbox consoles cannot do this without purchasing an actual development kit.