Microsoft reveals Windows 8 ready Sculpt Comfort Keyboard, costs you $59.95


Microsoft has revealed yet another new keyboard that is Windows 8 ready. They keyboard, called Sculpt Comfort Keyboard, runs for just about $60 in the United States and features a Contour Curve design and a removable palm rest.

“The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is also the first keyboard to feature a split backspace/spacebar key combo. This eliminates that awkward “pinky reach” to the standard backspace key and keeps your wrists in a comfortable position,” Microsoft explains. According to Microsoft, only 90% of typists use only their right thumb to press the spacebar, which means the left side of the space bar has unused real-estate. The keyboard also features hotkeys for commonly used Windows 8 Charms such as Search, Share, Device, and Settings. There are also additional hotkeys for flipping between apps, switching apps, snapping apps, or bringing up the app bar. Expect to see this keyboard in the Microsoft Store soon and other retailers for about $60.