Microsoft reveals the cool-looking Xbox Phantom White Special Edition controller, available starting April 2

Laurent Giret

Microsoft is adding another controller to the Phantom Series that debuted last year with the Phantom Black Special Edition. The freshly-announced Phantom White Special Edition controller is a new cool-looking variant that uses a translucent part at the top that evolves into an opaque matte white at the bottom of the controller, and the effect is pretty stunning.

“The design is the optimal blend of luxury and Sci-Fi, embodying a new slant on technical beauty,” explained Bree White, Global Product Marketing Manager at Xbox. In addition to the translucent body, the Xbox Phantom White Special Edition controller also features triggers, thumbsticks and bumpers using a glossy white finish, with some light touches of grey. On the back, you’ll also find the same textured grips that are also available as an option on the Xbox Design Lab controllers.

The Phantom White Special Edition will start shipping worldwide on April 2, and it will be priced at $69.99 USD. The new controller should go to pre-order soon at select retailers and the online Microsoft Store.