Microsoft reveals next-gen Xbox name as Xbox One, features Snap mode #XboxReveal


Xbox One

During the big Xbox reveal on the Xbox campus today, Microsoft revealed that the new Xbox is called “Xbox One.” Microsoft even showcased the Xbox One’s voice recognition capabilities during the reveal.

The new Xbox One is designed to be a single device that provides all sorts of entertainment and taps into all sorts of device. During the announcement, Microsoft was able to initiate the Xbox One by simply stating “Xbox On.” It is obvious that you can control the Xbox user experience by using hand gestures and voice recognition.

Voice recognition is the primary feature of the new Xbox One, being able to switch between live TV, gaming, and the internet with ease. Gamers can even do multiple things on their TV, featuring Snap mode for the Xbox. For example, one can surf the internet while watching live TV! Microsoft also demoed the ability to Skype via Snap mode while watching TV, pretty cool! Oh for those that did not know, Xbox One features Skype built-in!

The new Xbox is centered around voice recognition and makes it much more personal than ever. Users can even tell the Xbox what channel they want to watch. Simply say “Xbox, watch CBS” and the Xbox One will tune your TV to CBS. Truly the future of entertainment right here.

Microsoft is expected to reveal more about the Xbox One and its games during the E3 entertainment expo on June 11th. The Xbox One launches “later this year.”

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