Microsoft reveals cool new Halo toys for the holiday season

Kareem Anderson

Mega Helmet Cropped

While fans wait for the next installment in the Halo franchise, Halo Infinite, to grace this new console generation, they can now do so with nifty new Halo toys this holiday season.

Just in time for those looking to round out their shopping lists this holiday season, a wide range of new Halo-themed toys have just been unveiled that includes lego-like Mega Construx sets, new Funko Pops, and a collectors statue.

First up is Mega Construx with its four new sets that include a 414-piece Master Chief helmet set that comes with a neat buildable AI chip that can be slotted in the helmet. The next set is a replica Energy Sword, a 2,000-piece Pelican dropship, and an impressive Forerunner Ring Installation.

Ring 5 Sets Stand 1 Jpg Crop

Wicked Cool Toys is providing collector action figures of Kat-B320, Brute Chieftan, Banished Ghost, Elite Warlord, Master Chief, and even a Warthog. The sizes of WCT’s new action figures range from 4-inches to almost a foot tall, and all come with impressive detail as well as accompanying weaponry.

Spartan Collection

Nerf is joining into the fray with its own Nerf dart version of the MA40 and Mangler available now and January 2021 respectively.

Nerf Halo Nerf Profile Cmyk Jpg

While there are already a ton of Halo-related Funko Pops out, there are some retail exclusives hitting the market this holiday season. Best Buy will be getting its own Master Chief Hydro Deco variant, Target customers can snag a Master Chief Active Camo version and GameStop gets a sleek Spartan MK VII exclusive.

Halo Sociallineup2

Last is the Dark Horse classic capture of Master Chief on Zeta Halo in a 10.5-inch stature with rich colors and detail.

Halo Infinite Master Chief Pvc Statue 01c Jpg

Inspired by the key art for the upcoming Halo Infinite game, fans can grab this new statue only at Best Buy’s in the US for now. There is mention of other exclusive retailer participation in international markets for:

Again, waiting for Halo Infinite to drop can be frustrating for Xbox Series X/S adopters who bought the consoles in large part on the promise of 343 delivering a next-gen Halo experience. Fortunately, there is plenty of Halo to be had in the meantime.