Microsoft restates commitment to Windows 10 Mobile at Ignite

Kip Kniskern

At a session promising to “Discover what’s next for Windows 10 Mobile,” along with some slides on the current mobile ecosystem, a shout-out to the HP Elite x3, and some info on what’s coming with Continuum, Microsoft also reiterated their commitment to the Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem, not only for 3rd party but 1st party devices:

Windows 10 Mobile commitment
Windows 10 Mobile commitment

As you can see, the slide quotes Windows President Terry Myerson in committing to support current phones, and “develop great new devices.” Recent reports that Microsoft is ending production of Lumia devices has fueled some speculation about the company’s continued interest in developing its own line of phones. However this slide seems to give Windows phone users renewed hope that Microsoft’s dedication to not only the Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem, but to “differentiated 1st party devices” remains viable.

While this isn’t anything different than Microsoft has said in the past, the lack of news about what’s happening with a Surface Phone, along with the nosedive Lumia sales are taking, certainly hasn’t instilled a lot of confidence, so it’s good to see some concrete evidence that Microsoft remains in the game.

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