Microsoft responsible for advertising spending increase on magazines, to push Windows 8


Windows 8

According to a new report, advertising spending on magazines have been down 5% in the first quarter of this year but the tech industry saw an increase in spending of $215.9 million on magazines in the first three months of the year.

The reason? Microsoft! Apparently, Microsoft is the reason for an increase in spending in the hardware/software division. “Microsoft launched significant campaigns in the first quarter for software products, particularly for Windows 8. The company also launched some campaigns for Office 365 .. But the increase, it’s all Microsoft,” the report stated.

But Microsoft is not alone when it comes to advertising its product in magazines. BlackBerry pushed its Z10 smartphone in magazine ads during the first quarter of this year too!

Looks like big companies realize that magazine ads are still an effective means of showcasing and selling a product. One interesting thing to note is that Microsoft, as well as other advertisers, are beginning to purchase advertising space in areas they normally don’t, to increase exposure of the product they are trying to sell.