Microsoft Research shows off simultaneous thumb and pen interaction on Windows 10 tablets

Jack Wilkinson

Microsoft Research - Pen and Thumb interaction on Windows 10 tablets

Microsoft Research has taken to YouTube to show off its research into interacting with Windows 10 tablets using your thumb and a pen simultaneously, allowing the two input methods to work together to interact with the device in a quicker, more seamless manner.

Using radial-like menus with their thumb, the user is able to change how the pen interacts with the tablet. Additionally, it shows how a thumb can still interact with a dropdown-like interface through radio menus. There are a variety of scenarios when these inputs can be used, such as working in an Excel document, using a web browser or in a drawing application.

It almost removes the need for traditional right-click context menus on most elements for tablets, requiring only thumb and pen input.

As this was a research project, it is not destined to become reality, at least not currently. However, it is nice to see what interaction with a tablet device could look like in the future.

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