Microsoft reportedly testing Xbox gaming in a browser, cloud-based gaming inevitable?

Staff Writer in IE

Microsoft, according to Neowin, is working on video games in your browser. These are full-fledged games – even some Xbox One titles – that Microsoft is making playable by leveraging the cloud. The games are playing at around 60 frames per second, which is no mean feat.

The Xbox games being worked on offer an identical experience as on the console, with even the familiar Xbox dashboard interface. Microsoft could be accomplishing this partly through their DeLorean project. Cloud-supplemented gaming got its first verification with Titanfall already, and it is looking even more promising now. 

There are, obviously, lots of details missing. In fact, there are a lot of cool Microsoft Research projects that never see production. However, this tastes like something different. Microsoft has already seen some of their cloud technology in action, as well as rival Sony has started to launch their own streaming service.

The one question people usually have is that Microsoft wants to sell Xbox, so why would they invest in cross platform gaming? The answer is that hardware profits are marginal. The real income comes from games, and users spending money after obtaining a platform. This streaming service would let Microsoft do what they do best – sell software.

If you’re an Xbox fan, there is no reason to worry about the long term. While gaming may be moving to other devices, Microsoft has shown that they want to make the Xbox more than just gaming. It is their version of the Apple TV or Chromecast – the center of what they want your living room to look like, and I doubt they will abandon it regardless of how well cloud-based gaming does.

How do you feel about cloud-based gaming? Where do you see it in two years? How about in ten years?