Microsoft reportedly closing in on acquiring Israeli security firm Hexadite

Dave W. Shanahan

As reported by TechCrunch, Microsoft is set to acquire Hexadite, a IT security startup based in Israel, for $100 million. Hexadite uses AI to handle small IT network attacks on enterprise organizations and also helps to identify larger attacks for security analysts to handle. About a month ago, we reported that Microsoft was acquiring another Israeli startup Cloudyn for somewhere between $50-$70 million.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Cloudyn and Hexadite will shore up its already impressive hold on cybersecurity and improvements on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft’s strategic move might end up proving to be a smart one as the IDC estimates that enterprise companies will spend about $82 billion worldwide on IT security in 2017.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Hexadite will help reduce the amount of time wasted trying to identify smaller attacks on enterprise IT networks, allowing IT professionals to focus on the larger threats instead.