Microsoft removes three upgrade blocks for Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Laurent Giret

If you haven’t been able to install the Windows 10 May 2019 Update until now, Microsoft has just removed three important upgrade blocks that should finally allow more users to upgrade. The company announced the removal of the safeguard holds on the new Windows Health Dashboard yesterday (via Bleeping Computer), and you may have seen them if you follow the new Windows Update Twitter account.

One of the weird issues with the May 2019 Update was that if you had an external USB device such as a thumb drive or SD card attached to your PC, the upgrade process would fail. Microsoft explained that this issue was caused by inappropriate drive reassignment during installation, but this issue has now been fully resolved.

The second upgrade block that Microsoft removed this week was related to audio not working with Dolby Atmos headphones and home theaters after installing the May 2019 Update. This was by caused by a licensing configuration error preventing the Dolby Access Windows 10 app to recognize a valid license for the immersive audio technology. Now that the safeguard hold has been removed, license holders can finally install the May 2019 Update and enjoy Dolby Atmos content just like they used to.

Lastly, Microsoft had also applied a compatibility hold on devices where the Dynabook Smartphone Link application had been installed, as the app wasn’t functioning properly on the May 2019 Update. This issue has now been resolved as well, and users should no longer experience loss of functionality after upgrading.

Even though these three upgrade blocks have been removed, be aware that it can take up to 48 hours before you can install the May 2019 Update on your PC. Microsoft still has five upgrade blocks in place due to issues with certain Intel, Realtek, and Qualcomm drivers, and we invite you to check out the Windows Health Dashboard for more details.