Microsoft releases another Xbox One Preview build, brings a few fixes

Jack Wilkinson

Xbox One

Following quickly behind the last Xbox One Preview build that brought mobile payment options, along with the option between using Cortana or Xbox Voice, is the latest Preview build, which just brings a few fixes, but also many known issues.

This build brings Xbox One users to version rs1_xbox_rel_1608.160713-2005.

Here are the fixes:

• Movies & TV
When viewing a video in the Movies & TV app, the progress bar should now update correctly when playing, rewinding, or fast forwarding.

• Xbox Universal Store
Resolved an issue which could prevent certain currencies from appearing in-game after purchasing from the Store.

• My Games & Apps
• You should no longer lose focus when scrolling to the bottom of Games.
• Resolved an issue which could sometimes cause users to get stuck in a loop attempting to install games and apps, causing error “Something went wrong 0x80073d00”.

• Localization
Various localization fixes.

For the known issues, of which there are quite a handful:

• Xbox Preview Dashboard
You may encounter an “Unexpected error” screen when attempting to launch the Xbox Preview Dashboard app or Report a problem.

• Blu-Ray Player
When watching a video with the Blu-Ray Player, the screen may dim after a short period of inactivity.

• Payment & Billing
You may be unable to add PayPal as a payment option.

• Profile
Users are able to select their own Gamertag at no charge once per account. After this you will be charged for future Gamertag changes. In the current update, any free Gamertag changes will complete successfully. Attempting to purchase a Gamertag change will charge your account, but will not change your Gamertag. Please avoid purchasing a Gamertag change on Xbox One at this time. To successfully change your Gamertag, visit
When selecting “Add new” to add a new profile, the add profile interface may take up to 30 seconds to appear.

• Cortana
When using a language Cortana does not support, you may still see references to Cortana in text.

• Pins
If you have pins on your Home to movies, TV shows, or music, they will disappear from Home when that app takes its new app update. The pins for the apps will stay on your Home, easy to get to.

• My Games & Apps
You may encounter an error when attempting to load Ready to Install with a large number of digital games and apps.

• Community Calendar
Links to the Store in Community Calendar event details do not currently function.


The big Anniversary Update is nearing, and we expect these known issues to be reduced massively in the coming days, although, the Xbox One update will roll out after the Windows 10 PC and Mobile update, potentially giving Microsoft a small amount of time to squash more of the reported bugs through the Xbox Preview Program.