Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 17101 to Fast Ring and first Redstone 5 build

Arif Bacchus

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Happy Valentines Day! Microsoft is showing Windows Insiders some love tonight by releasing Windows 10 Build 17101 to Fast Ring Insiders & Build 17604 to Skip Ahead Insiders.

Please note that while the releases are similar, Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17604 is the first Redstone 5 release to hit the public. However, it is currently only available for those Insiders who have opted into Skip Ahead.

Windows Insiders should also keep in mind that Microsoft is still working on finishing Redstone 4 (RS4) and has thus “forked” the development into a branch called “RS4_RELEASE.” This means that all RS4 builds will come from the RS4_RELEASE branch, and Microsoft will release new RS4 builds to Insiders more quickly to both the Fast and Slow rings.

That said, only Windows Insiders who choose to Skip Ahead will receive Redstone 5 (RS5) builds. These Insiders are in the “RS_PRERELEASE” branch and will get previews of the much less stable builds. But keep in mind that once Redstone 4 is finished, everyone will be back on the same page again. Skip Ahead is also only open to a “small subset” of Insiders in the Fast ring, so you may try your luck at getting in.

Skip Ahead Explained
Skip Ahead Explained

We’ll have more on both of the builds later, but for now, get downloading!

Update: Click here to see what’s new in both of these builds. Click here to see more about Windows 10 RS4 build 17101. And click here to see more about Windows 10 RS5 build 17604.