Microsoft releases an update to the Kinect for Windows V2 SDK today for free

Joseph Finney

Microsoft releases an update for the Kinect V2 SDK today for free

Today Microsoft has released an update to the Kinect for Windows 2.0 SDK. This preview SDK update brings a range of improvements which enable developers to make applications using Kinect. This update has over 200 changes which should make developing easier and faster. Here is a list of some of the main items:

  • Kinect Fusion tool kit, which provides higher resolution camera tracking and performance
  • substantial improvements in the tooling, specifically around Visual Gesture Builder (VGB) and Kinect Studio
  • 10 new samples (such as Discrete Gestures Basics, Face, and HD Face Basics)

Microsoft thinks these additions will help make better more stable apps using Kinect. The SDK is free for anyone to download and use. Microsoft is also letting commercial applications be developed with no runtime licensing fee! The V2 Kinect sensor is $200. Details on how to buy one can be found here.

Have you used the second generation Kinect? Are you a developer, and do these changes interest you? Let us know in the comments below!