Microsoft releases TypeScript Definitions for Bing Maps V8 to GitHub

Michael Cottuli

Bing Maps V8 Web Control was brought out just over a month ago for developers, offering them a great way to use Bing Maps to enhance their applications. While the release of web control certainly didn’t invent the use of Bing Maps in third party apps, it made things a whole lot easier, providing convenience to developers who wanted map functionality.


In the spirit of offering more functionality, the team at Microsoft is bringing out TypeScript Definitions, providing an extra bit of convenience to developers. While this isn’t going to have much of an effect on end users who want to see some new bells and whistles in their Bing Maps experiences, it’s going to save developers tons of headache, and help find bugs before they become a serious problem.

According to Microsoft’s blog post, “TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and provides static typing, classes and interfaces.” The add-on introduces IntelliSense and auto-complete to your JavaScript coding, doing tons of work to help you catch problems in your code that might have gone unnoticed before. What’s more is that TypeScript Definitions is open source on GitHub right now, so if you have anything to add to it you can do so without any problems.