Microsoft releases Powertoys 0.56.2 to fix bugs affecting its stability

Kevin Okemwa


It is barely even a week since Microsoft launched Powertoys 0.56.1, yet version 0.56.2 is now out. If you missed it, this new update is more of a patch in place to fix issues affecting the previous version.

This release is supposed to help fix bugs that impact the app’s stability negatively. Here are the full release notes:

  • #16252: We now pass in /norestart flag to .NET runtime installer for our installer
  • #16155: FancyZones Template layout reset bug is fixed
  • #16699: Dev File Preview handler files in use bug is fixed
  • #16669: Added Find my mouse setting for shake distance to allow for adjustability
  • #16712: PowerToys Run’s Windows Terminal plugin didn’t have localization setup correctly and is now correct.

Aside from that, no notable changes have been made. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for Microsoft Powertoys, as Microsoft is teaming up with other contributors to add new features based on pull requests on Github.