Microsoft releases latest update to JavaScript extension with TypeScript 2.2

Kit McDonald

The TypeScript extension for JavaScript received a new release, making today a happy day for developers. The MSDN blog announced the TypeScript 2.2, complete with the same ECMAScript standard with just a few more features that will prove to be more efficient in the long run.

Here are the highlights:

When an instance of a constructor is created via new, the value of is set to be a reference to the constructor function initially used to allocate the instance. If a function is called rather than constructed via new, is set to undefined.

If you haven’t tried TypeScript, the ability for it to write some of the code for you by providing suggestions as you type makes it one of the most efficient tools for a developer. However, 2.1 had some missing information that the TypeScript 2.2 was able to quick fix:

  • Adding missing imports
  • Adding missing properties
  • Adding forgotten this. to variables
  • Removing unused declarations
  • Implementing abstract members

The plugin for Visual Studio can be downloaded today along with configuration support. Read the full changelog on the open source documentation on GitHub.