This is what the new Start Menu hamburger menu looks like in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Zac Bowden

Microsoft is currently gathering feedback on a potential new design for the Start Menu that introduces a new hamburger menu and brings the All Apps list to the very front of the Start Menu. Until now, Microsoft has not shown off the hamburger menu in any detail, making voting pretty difficult.

Luckily for us, Microsoft’s Jen Gentleman has shown us what the hamburger menu looks like in a short gif posted on Twitter this evening. As shown in the gif, the hamburger menu is customizable, with the option to add the same shortcuts users already have access to on Windows 10 today.

Insiders have been asking for a better look at the new hamburger menu since the Start Menu design was revealed to Insiders. Hopefully Insiders will have an easier time voting in the dedicated survey from Microsoft about whether or not this new Start Menu design is good. For more details about the new Start Menu and a place to vote, click here.